Taking its name from the Italian—meaning essay, essay writing, or nonfiction—Saggistica is dedicated to essay writing in its many forms, from the polemic and personal to the scholarly.

by Wendy Pojmann
ISBN 978-1-59954-168-6
Saggistica 36

Mediterranean Encounters and Clashes • Incontri e scontri mediterranei
Edited by Antonio C. Vitti and Anthony Julian Tamburri
ISBN 978-1-59954-171-6
Saggistica 35

Cesare Pavese’s Long Journey
by Giose Rimanelli
Criticism $20
ISBN: 978-1-59954-133-4
Saggistica 32

Interrogations into Italian-American Studies
Edited by Anthony Julian Tamburri
Diaspora Studies $18
ISBN: 978-1-59954-143-4
Saggistica 31

Mediterranean Memories
Edited by Antonio C. Vitti and Anthony Julian Tamburri
Italian Studies $20
ISBN 978-1-59954-142-6
Saggistica 30

Translating for (and from) the Italian Screen
Edited by Philip Balma and Giovani Spani
Film $18
ISBN 978-1-59954-141-9
Saggistica 29

The Representation of the Mediterranean World by Insiders and Outsiders
Edited by Antonio C. Vitti and Anthony Julian Tamburri
History $28
ISBN 978-1-59954-113-6
Saggistica 28

Garibaldi M. Lapolla: A Study of His Novels
by Steven J. Belluscio
Criticism $18
ISBN 978-1-59954-125-9
Saggistica 27

Re-Mapping Italian America: Places, Cultures, Identities
Edited by Sabrina Vellucci and Carla Francellini
Essays $32
ISBN 978-1-59954-116-7
Saggistica 26

The Mediterranean Dreamed and Lived by Insiders and Outsiders
Edited by Antonio C. Vitti and Anthony Julian Tamburri
History $28
ISBN 978-1-59954-115-0
Saggistica 25

Intimate History of the Great War: Letters, Diaries, and Memoirs from Soldiers on the Front
by Quinto Antonelli
History $28
ISBN 978-1-59954-111-2
Saggistica 24

Giose 1959: Un “Suicidio” Annunciato
by Eugenio Ragni
Critica Letteraria $14
ISBN 978-1-59954-109-9
Saggistica 23

The Mediterranean as Seen by Insiders and Outsiders
Edited by Antonio C. Vitti and Anthony Julian Tamburri
Italian Studies $28
ISBN 978-1-59954-107-5
Saggistica 22

After Identity: Migration, Critique, Italian American Culture
by Peter Carravetta
Essays $22
ISBN 978-1-59954-072-6
Saggistica 21

BoundBy-NEW 2.indd
Bound by Distance: Rethinking Nationalism through the Italian Diaspora
by Pasquale Verdicchio
Italian Studies $20
ISBN 978-1-59954-103-7
Saggistica 20

Re-Reading Rimanelli in America: Six Decades in the United States
Edited by Sheryl Lynn Postman and Anthony Julian Tamburri
Criticism $17
ISBN 978-1-59954-102-0
Saggistica 19

Rope and Soap: Lynchings of Italians in the United States
Patrizia Salvetti
History $18
ISBN 978-1-59954-101-3
Saggistica 18

Mare Nostrum: prospettive di un dialogo tra alterità e mediterraneità
Edited by Antonio Vitti and Anthony Julian Tamburri
Italian Studies $28
ISBN 978-1-59954-100-6
Saggistica 17

Spectacles of Themselves: Essays in Italian American Popular Culture and Literature
by George Guida
Cultural Criticism $18
ISBN 978-1-59954-090-0
Saggistica 16

Italy’s Lies: Debunking History’s Lies So That Italy Might Become A “Normal Country”
by Lorenzo Del Boca
Translated by Ilaria Marra Rosiglioni
Italian Studies $20
ISBN 978-1-59954-084-9
Saggistica 15

Theater of the Mind, Stage of History
Edited by Peter Carravetta
Italian American Studies $22
ISBN 978-1-59954-083-2
Saggistica 14

Meditations on Identity: Meditazioni su identità
by Anthony Julian Tamburri
Italian American Studies $12
ISBN 978-1-59954-082-5
Saggistica 13

Twenty Years After the Palermo Massacres

by Vincenzo Scotti
Translated by Lila Di Caprio
Italian History $22
ISBN 978-1-59954-074-0
Saggistica 12

Europe, Italy, and the Mediterranean
Edited by Antonio Vitti & Anthony Tamburri
Italian Studies $20
ISBN 978-1-59954-073-3
Saggistica 11

Discourse Boundary Creation
by Peter Carravetta
Italian American Studies $20
ISBN 978-1-59954-036-8
Saggistica 10

Italy at the Crossroads
by Gianfranco Viesti
Translated by Ilaria Marra Rosiglioni
History, Business & Economics $10
ISBN 978-1-59954-071-9
Saggistica 9

Essays on Italian American Literature and Culture
Edited by Dennis Barone and Peter Covino
Italian American Studies $14
ISBN 978-1-59954-035-1
Saggistica 8

Migrating Words: Italian Writers in the United States
by Luigi Fontanella
Translated by Joan Taber
Literary Criticism $20
ISBN 978-1-59954-041-2
Saggistica 7

An Italian Writer’s Journey through American Realities: Giose Rimanelli’s English Novels
by Sheryl Lynn Postman
Literary Criticism, $15
ISBN 978-1-59954-034-4
Saggistica 6

Re-viewing Italian Americana: Generalities and Specificities on Cinema
by Anthony Julian Tamburri
Italian American Studies $15
ISBN 978-1-59954-020-7
Saggistica 5

The Art of Reading Italian Americana: Italian American Culture in Review
by Fred Gardaphé
Italian American Studies $15
ISBN 978-1-59954-019-1
Saggistica 4

by Dennis Barone
Italian American Studies $18
ISBN 978-1-59954-018-4
Saggistica 3

The Hyphenate Writer and the Legacy of Exile
Edited by Paolo A. Giordano
Cultural Studies $14
ISBN 978-1-59954-007-8
Saggistica 2

The “Unhappy Ending”: Re-viewing the Cinema of Frank Capra
by Vito Zagarrio
Film Criticism $18
ISBN 978-1-59954-005-4
Saggistica 1