A series dedicated to the study of Italian and Italian-American culture.


The Representation of the Mediterranean World by Insiders and Outsiders
Antonio C. Vitti and Anthony Julian Tamburri, editors

History $28
ISBN 978-1-59954-113-6
Saggistica, Volume 28

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Garibaldi M. Lapolla: A Study of His Novels
Steven J. Belluscio

Criticism $18
ISBN 978-1-59954-125-9
Saggistica, Volume 27
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Re-Mapping Italian America: Places, Cultures, Identities
Sabrina Vellucci and Carla Francellini, editors

Essays $32
ISBN 978-1-59954-116-7
Saggistica, Volume 26

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The Mediterranean Dreamed and Lived by Insiders and Outsiders
Antonio C. Vitti and Anthony Julian Tamburri, editors

History $28
ISBN 978-1-59954-115-0
Saggistica, Volume 25
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Intimate History of the Great War: Letters, Diaries, and Memoirs from Soldiers on the Front
Quinto Antonelli

History $28
ISBN 978-1-59954-111-2
Saggistica, Volume 24
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Giose 1959: Un “Suicidio” Annunciato
Eugenio Ragni

Critica Letteraria $14
ISBN 978-1-59954-109-9
Saggistica, Volume 23
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The Mediterranean as Seen by Insiders and Outsiders
Antonio C. Vitti and Anthony Julian Tamburri, editors

Italian Studies $28
ISBN 978-1-59954-107-5
Saggistica, Volume 22

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After Identity: Migration, Critique, Italian American Culture
Peter Carravetta

Essays $22
ISBN 978-1-59954-072-6
Saggistica, Volume 21

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BoundBy-NEW 2.inddBound by Distance: Rethinking Nationalism through the Italian Diaspora
Pasquale Verdicchio

Italian Studies $20
ISBN 978-1-59954-103-7
Saggistica, Volume 20

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9781599541020Re-Reading Rimanelli in America: Six Decades in the United States
Sheryl Lynn Postman and Anthony Julian Tamburri, editors

Criticism $17
ISBN 978-1-59954-102-0
Saggistica, Volume 19

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Rope and Soap: Lynchings of Italians in the United States
Patrizia Salvetti

History $18
ISBN 978-1-59954-101-3
Saggistica, Volume 18

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Mare Nostrum: prospettive di un dialogo tra alterità e mediterraneità
Antonio Vitti and Anthony Julian Tamburri, editors

Italian Studies $28
ISBN 978-1-59954-100-6
Saggistica, Volume 17

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Spectacles of Themselves: Essays in Italian American Popular Culture and Literature
George Guida

Cultural Criticism $18
ISBN 978-1-59954-090-0
Saggistica, Volume 16

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Italy’s Lies: Debunking History’s Lies So That Italy Might Become A “Normal Country”
Lorenzo Del Boca
Translated by Ilaria Marra Rosiglioni

Italian History $20
ISBN 978-1-59954-084-9
Saggistica, Volume 15

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Theater of the Mind, Stage of History
Peter Carravetta, editor

Italian/American Studies $22
ISBN 978-1-59954-083-2
Saggistica, Volume 14

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Meditations on Identity: Meditazioni su identità
Anthony Julian Tamburri

Italian/American Studies $12
ISBN 978-1-59954-082-5
Saggistica, Volume 13

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Twenty Years After the Palermo Massacres
Vincenzo Scotti
Translated by Lila Di Caprio

Italian History $22
ISBN 978-1-59954-074-0
Saggistica, Volume 12

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Europe, Italy, and the Mediterranean
Antonio Vitti & Anthony Tamburri, Eds.

Italian Studies $20
ISBN 978-1-59954-073-3
Saggistica, Volume 11

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Discourse Boundary Creation
Peter Carravetta

Italian/American Studies $20
ISBN 978-1-59954-036-8
Saggistica, Volume 10

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Italy at the Crossroads
Gianfranco Viesti
Translated by Ilaria Marra Rosiglioni

History, Business & Economics $10
ISBN 978-1-59954-071-9
Saggistica, Volume 9

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Essays on Italian American Literature and Culture
Edited by Dennis Barone and Peter Covino

Popular Culture $14
ISBN 978-1-59954-035-1
Saggistica, Volume 8

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Migrating Words: Italian Writers in the United States
Luigi Fontanella
Translated by Joan Taber

Literary Criticism $20
ISBN 978-1-59954-041-2
Saggistica, Volume 7

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An Italian Writer’s Journey through American Realities: Giose Rimanelli’s English Novels
Sheryl Lynn Postman

Literary Criticism, $15
ISBN 978-1-59954-034-4
Saggistica, Volume 6

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Re-viewing Italian Americana: Generalities and Specificities on Cinema
Anthony Julian Tamburri

Ethnic/Cultural Studies $15
ISBN 978-1-59954-020-7
Saggistica, Volume 5

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The Art of Reading Italian Americana: Italian American Culture in Review
Fred Gardaphé

Ethnic/Cultural Studies $15
ISBN 978-1-59954-019-1
Saggistica, Volume 4

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Dennis Barone

Ethnic/Cultural Studies $18
ISBN 978-1-59954-018-4
Saggistica, Volume 3

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The Hyphenate Writer and the Legacy of Exile
Edited by Paolo A. Giordano

Ethnic/Cultural Studies $14
ISBN 978-1-59954-007-8
Saggistica, Volume 2

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The “Unhappy Ending”: Re-viewing the Cinema of Frank Capra
Vito Zagarrio

Film Criticism $18
ISBN 978-1-59954-005-4
Saggistica, Volume 1

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