Robert Viscusi Essay Series

Dedicated to the short form scholarly essay.

Italian Diaspora Studies and the University
by Anthony Julian Tamburri
ISBN 978-1-59954-200-3
Viscusi Series 6

The Coazze Notebook
by Luigi Pirandello
Translation and Introduction by Lisa Sarti
ISBN 978-1-59954-154-9
Viscusi Series 5

Pasquale Stiso’s “True Story” and Other Works
edited by Laura E. Ruberto and Pasquale Verdicchio
ISBN 978-1-59954-183-9
Viscusi Series 4

The Voices of Italy
by Alfred R. Crudale
ISBN 978-1-59954-181-5
Viscusi Series 3

Triangulations within the Italy-Canada-United States Borderlands
Edited by Luisa Del Giudice
ISBN: 978-1-59954-164-8
Robert Viscusi Essay Series 2

Thomas Jefferson’s Italian and Italian-Related Books in the History of Universal Personal Rights
by Linda L. Carroll
ISBN: 978-1-59954-144-0
Robert Viscusi Essay Series 1