Bordighera Poetry Prizes

The Lauria/Frasca Poetry prize to promote the poetry of the Italian diaspora and is open to poets of Italian descent writing poetry in English. Quality poetry in any style and on any theme is sought.

by Janine Certo
ISBN 978-1-94156-124-9
Lauria/Frasca Poetry Prize 3

And Not to Break
by Janet Sylvester
ISBN 978-1-59954-162-4
Lauria/Frasca Poetry Prize 2

by Matthew M. Cariello
ISBN 978-1-59954-139-6
Lauria/Frasca Poetry Prize 1

The Bordighera Poetry Prize was active from 1998 to 2013. 
The prize, sponsored by the Sonia Raiziss-Giop Foundation, was conceived to promote both the literature of the Italian diaspora and its languages. Many thanks to Alfredo de Palchi for his indispensable largesse and Daniela Gioseffi for her colossal efforts.

Broom / La Scopa
by Joelle Biele
Translated by Irene Marchegiani and Emanuele Pettener
Poetry $10/$19
ISBN 978-1-59954-085-6 softcover
ISBN 978-1-59954-086-3 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 16

The Blue Light of Dawn / Nella luce azzurra dell’alba
by Joanne Monte
Translated by Rosanna Masiola
Poetry $10/$19
ISBN 978-1-59954-060-3 softcover
ISBN 978-1-59954-061-0 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 15

Driving West on the Pulaski Skyway / Guidare verso ovest sulla skyway Pulaski
by John Ortenzio Bargowski
Translated by Ambra Meda
Poetry $10/$19
ISBN 978-1-59954-049-8 softcover
ISBN 978-1-59954-048-1 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 14

A Boat That Can Carry Two / Una barca per due
by Matthew Cariello
Translated by Ambra Meda
Poetry $10/$19
ISBN 978-1-59954-030-6 softcover
ISBN 978-1-59954-029-0 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 13

No Day, No Dusk, No Love / Nessun giorno, nessun crepusculo, nessun amore
by Carla Panciera
Translated by Luigi Bonaffini
Poetry $10/$19
ISBN 978-1-59954-024-5 softcover
ISBN 978-1-59954-023-8 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 12

Heart Murmur / Soffio al Cuore
by Michael LaSorsa Steffen
Translated by Paolo Ruffilli
Poetry $11/$19
ISBN 978-1-59954-012-2 softcover
ISBN 978-1-59954-013-9 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 11

What She Says About Love / Quello che lei dice dell’amore
by Tony Magistrale
Translated by Luigi Bonaffini
Poetry $10/$19
ISBN 1-884419-92-5 softcover
ISBN 1-884419-91-7 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 10

The Alchemy of Grief / Alchimia del dolore
by Emily Ferrara
Translated by Sabine Pascarelli
Poetry $14/$19
ISBN 1-88419-89-5 softcover
ISBN 1-88419-90-9 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 9

Water on the Sun / Acqua sul sole
by Grace Cavalieri
Translated by Maria Enrico
Poetry $14/$19
ISBN 1-88419-77-1 softcover
ISBN 1-88419-78-x hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 8

West Pullman
by Carolyn Guinzio
Translated by Franco Nasi
Poetry $14/$19
ISBN 1-88419-70-4 softcover
ISBN 1-88419-71-2 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 7

The Parakeets of Brooklyn / I parrocchetti di Brooklyn
by Gerry La Femina
Translated by Elisa Biagini
Poetry $14/$19
ISBN 1-88419-67-4 softcover
ISBN 1-88419-68-2 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 6

And Songsongsonglessness /
E Nonuncantononuncantouncanto

by Jane Tassi
Translated by Ned Condini
Poetry $14/$19
ISBN 1-88419-60-7 softcover
ISBN 1-88419-61-5 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 5

Forty Floors from Yesterday
by Stephen Massimilla
Translated by Luigi Bonaffini
Poetry $14/$19
ISBN 1-88419-54-2 softcover
ISBN 1-88419-55-0 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 4

Running Away from Russia
by Luisa Rossina Villani
Translated by Luigi Fontanella 
Poetry $11/$11
ISBN 1-88419-50-X softcover
ISBN 1-88419-51-8 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 3

Song of the Tulip Tree / La Canzone Della Magnolia
by Joe Salerno
Translated by Emanuel Di Pasquale
Preface by Felix Stefanile
Poetry $9.95/$14.95
ISBN 1-88419-30-5 softcover
ISBN 1-88419-31-3 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 2

A Book of Fears / Un Libro Di Fobie
by Lewis Turco
Translated by Joseph Alessia
Poetry $9/$19.95
ISBN 1-88419-20-8 softcover
ISBN 1-88419-19-4 hardcover
Bordighera Poetry Prize 1