A series of poetry, prose, fiction, translations from the Italian, and critical studies on Italian and Italian-American culture.


9781599541129-Cover.inddIl cucchiaio trafugato
Angelo Spina

Romanzo $16
ISBN 978-1-59954-112-9
Crossings, Volume 21

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BP-CRS-20A Season in Florida
Emanuele Pettener

Fiction $14
ISBN 978-1-59954-054-2
Crossings, Volume 20

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BP-CRS-19Rumore di acque: Noise in the Waters
Marco Martinelli
Edited and Translated by Thomas Simpson

Italian Studies / Theater $15
ISBN 978-1-59954-066-5
Crossings, Volume 19

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BP-CRS-18Tosca the Cat Lady
Gina Lagoria
Translated by Martha King

Fiction $16
ISBN 978-1-59954-002-3
Crossings, Volume 18

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RubertoCover3.inddSuch is Life
Leonilde Frieri Ruberto
Translated by Laura Ruberto

Memoir $10
ISBN 978-1-59954-004-7
Crossings, Volume 17

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BP-CRS-16Saracen Tales
Giuseppe Bonaviri

Fiction $19
ISBN 1-88419-76-3
Crossings, Volume 16

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BP-CRS-15Like It or Not
Paolo Ruffilli

Poetry $16
ISBN 1-88419-75-5
Crossings, Volume 15

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BP-CRS-14The Calvary of the Cranes / Il calvario delle gru
Roberto Bertoldo

Poetry $15
ISBN 1-88419-59-3
Crossings, Volume 14

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BP-CRS-13Canti Orfici / Orphic Songs
Dino Campana

Italian Poetry in Translation $25
ISBN 1-88419-56-9
Crossings, Volume 13

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BP-CRS-12Infinite Present
Selected poems by Maura Del Serra
Translated by Emanuel di Pasquale and Michael Palma

Poetry $14
ISBN 1-88419-52-6
Crossings, Volume 12

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BP-CRS-11Page Proof
Raffaello Baldini
Edited by Daniele Benati
Translated by Adria Bernardi

Theater $12
ISBN 1-88419-47-X
Crossings, Volume 11

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BP-CRS-10Sharing a Trip
Selected poems by Silvio Ramat
Translated and Introduction by Emanuel di Pasquale

Poetry $14
ISBN 1-88419-43-7
Crossings, Volume 10

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BP-CRS-9The Story of Vajont
Marco Paolini and Gabriele Vacis
Edited and Translated by Thomas Simpson

Theater $13
ISBN 1-88419-41-0
Crossings, Volume 9

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BP-CRS-8La luna sul salice: racconto di nonna Zibetta
The Moon on the Willowtree: The Tale of Nonna Zibetta

Romeo Musa Da Calice
Edited by Adelia V. Williams

Sociology/Folklore $10
ISBN 1-88419-39-9
Crossings, Volume 8

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BP-CRS-7La scoperta dell’America
The Discovery of America

Carmine Biagio Iannace
Translated by William Boelhower

Autobiography $15
ISBN 1-88419-26-7
Crossings, Volume 7

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BP-CRS-6Franca Rame; A Woman on Stage
Franca, Dario, and Jacopo Fo
Edited by Walter Valeri

Theater $18
ISBN 1-88419-25-9
Crossings, Volume 6

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BP-CRS-5Stowaway on Board
Dacia Maraini

Women’s Studies $8
ISBN 1-88419-24-0
Crossings, Volume 5

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BP-CRS-4American Eclipses
Flavia Panciewicz
Translated by Peter Carravetta
Introduction by Joseph Tusiani

Poetry $9
ISBN 1-88419-23-2
Crossings, Volume 4

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BP-CRS-3Lus / The Light: Ermanna Montanari performs Nevio Spadoni
Nevio Spadoni
Edited by Teresa Picarazzi

Theater $7
ISBN 1-88419-22-4
Crossings, Volume 3

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BP-CRS-2Canzoniere: A Bilingual Edition
Isabella Morra
Edited and translated by Irene Musilio Mitchell

Poetry $9
ISBN 1-88419-18-6
Crossings, Volume 2



BP-CRS-1Wayfarers Four
Rodolfo Di Biasio
Transdlated by Justin Vitiello

Fiction $11
ISBN 1-88419-17-9
Crossings, Volume 1

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